September Plant of the Month - Calathea (10% OFF)

Our featured houseplant this month is the Calathea! These beauties are loved for their patterns and it's hard to believe some of them aren't hand painted. Calatheas can be a little difficult to handle so if you've had trouble before you are not alone. They are flexible in lighting and can handle low to bright indirect but they need to remain slightly moist so be careful to not let them dry out fully. Most of them have a thin layer of purple on the bottom of the leaves called anthocyanin. It allows calathea to optimize the amount of light they are receiving since they are grown in the understory of jungles. Light travels through the green photosynthetic section, hits the purple and it bounced back up through the green. Any extra humidity you can provide will be much appreciated by these rainforest plants. Calatheas are relatively slow growers but can get up to about three feet tall.  

We have a variety of Calathea in many colors and sizes - all 10% off for the rest of the month in store and online! Click HERE to see all that are available. (Cannot be combined with other discount codes. 10% off will automatically be applied starting August 1st).

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  • Erin Tweedy on

    Good day,
    I was wondering if you guys shipped? I would love a Calathea in my home, that said, I live in New Orleans. I read in your blog that you guy carry a variety of Calathea in many colors and sizes. What colors do you guys have? I love greens and purples. Please let me know, I am in love with plants and have many my self. Just trying to grow my collection.

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