Aglaonema x 'Red Army' 5"
Aglaonema x 'Red Army' 5"

Aglaonema x 'Red Army' 5"

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Aglaonema x 'Red Army' is a hybrid cross of Aglaonema rotundum x Aglaonema pictum, and shows fantastic traits of both parent plants! Displaying the iconic camo-like pattern of the A. pictum as well as the Calathea ornata -esque pink pinstripes of A. rotundum. A truly stunning plant.

Aglaonema x 'Red Army' enjoys moderate to very bright indirect light and could tolerate some brief direct sun. Prefers a chunky, well-draining potting mix, moderate to high temps, and would thrive in higher humidity levels. Likes to dry out in-between waterings.

May need to repotted every 6 months to a year.

Toxic to pets.

5" nursery pots available.

*Our stock changes daily. Photos on our website are only representative of the plant you will receive, meaning you likely won't receive the plant pictured.*

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