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Monstera adansonii Totem 8"

Monstera adansonii Totem 8"

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Monstera adansonii

Monstera adansonii - Adanson's Monstera - is a variable hemiepiphytic climbing vine native to a large area of Central and South America. When immature, leaves are small and have few fenestrations (holes in the leaf), but when allowed to climb up a support, ideally a tree in the jungle, the leaves can get absolutely massive.
Monstera adansonii enjoys bright indirect light to partial/brief direct sun exposure, a chunky well-draining soil,  moderate to high temps, and absolutely loves humidity. Likes to dry superficially in-between waterings, do not allow to sit bone dry. Will not get large foliage if not allowed to climb.

May need to be repotted in 6 months to a year.

8" nursery pots w/ totem available.

*Our stock changes daily. Photos on our website are only representative of the plant you will receive, meaning you likely won't receive the plant in the photo.*
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