Plant of the Month (10% OFF)

February's featured plant is Alocasia, the varieties of which range in size from "jewel" that can start at under a foot tall to plants that can tower to 10 feet tall. Alocasia's need very bright indirect to partial sunlight and to almost dry out between waterings - wait until the first two inches of soil dry. All varieties of alocasia thrive with extra humidity so if you notice yours not doing so well and you have everything else in control consider adding extra humidity. Humidity will also help combat spider mites with alocasia are prone to. Don't worry if your plant drops some leaves in the winter time, it is very common for Alocasia to enter dormancy in the winter time but since they have rhizomes will flourish again in the spring. If you have furry friends or curious hands, keep these plants out of reach. 


10% off for the month of February!