Ficus 'Altissima' 12"
Ficus 'Altissima' 12"

Ficus 'Altissima' 12"

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Ficus 'Altissima' or Yellow gem

Ficus 'Altissima' is a close relative of some iconic houseplants like the Ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig) and Ficus elastica (rubber tree), and could be a cultivar of F. elastica. With neon green leaves, complimented with a screaming yellow this is a tree that will demand attention wherever you put it. 

Ficus 'Altissima' enjoys very bright indirect light to partial/brief direct sun exposure, a chunky, well-draining potting mix, moderate to high temps, and has no notable humidity demands. Allow to thoroughly dry in-between waterings, but don't allow to sit dry for any real amount of time. 

May need to be repotted within 6 months - year.

May be toxic to pets and children.

10" nursery pots available.

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