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Anthurium villenaorum 4"

Anthurium villenaorum 4"

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Anthurium villenaorum

Relatively new to the US market, Anthurium villenaorum is a member of section Cardiolonchium, characterized by the velvety upper-leaf surface. With a more compact growth habit, and chunky winged petioles, this is a wonderful addition to any Anthurium collection.

Anthurium villenaorum enjoys bright indirect light to brief partial direct sun exposure, a chunky well-draining soil mix, moderate temps, and absolutely loves high humidity. Likes to dry out nearly all the way in between waterings.

May need to be repotted yearly.

4" nursery pots available.

*Our stock changes daily. Photos on our website are only representative of the plant you will receive, meaning you likely will not receive the plant in the photos*

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