Hi, I’m Caitlin Hastings! I’m a full-time physician assistant and plant enthusiast with a passion for people and houseplants. Botanica is my way of marrying the two! In my own experience of plant shopping, there always seems to be a disconnect between finding the perfect plant for your space, a pot that will match your décor, and most importantly, knowing how to keep the plant alive. We strive to make that experience better for everyone by providing low-maintenance plants, modern planters, and detailed care tips that will turn even the blackest thumbs green.

We also offer in-home and in-office plant consultations for those who know they want more greenery in their space, but just don’t know where to start. Let Botanica help, regardless of where you are in your plant journey.
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You can shop our selection of plants and pots in downtown Birmingham! Our flagship store is located at 312 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd North, Birmingham, AL 35203.