Aglaonema 'Chocolate' 5"
Aglaonema 'Chocolate' 5"

Aglaonema 'Chocolate' 5"

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Aglaonema 'Chocolate'

Similar to Aglaonema 'Pink Moon', this cultivar sports chocolately amber leaves, held up on thick canes.  Native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea, the genus Aglaonema are understory plants with a cane-like growth habit. Serving as fantastic houseplants due to their tolerance of lower light conditions, and neglect.

Aglaonema 'Chocolate' enjoys low to bright indirect light, a well-draining potting mix, moderate temps, and wouldn't mind higher humidity. Likes to dry out thoroughly in between waterings.

May need to be repotted every 1-2 years, enjoys being rootbound.

5" nursery pots available.

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