Alocasia / Caladium praetermissum 'Hilo Beauty' 6"

Alocasia / Caladium praetermissum 'Hilo Beauty' 6"

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Widely called an Alocasia, it is likely that 'Hilo Beauty' is actually in the Caladium genus, and was possibly renamed as Caladium praetermissum, which isn't surprising given the appearance and anatomy.  Wonderfully marked foliage featuring white patterns that are reminiscent of rorschach tests, set onto deep green backgrounds. 

Alocasia/Caladium praetermissum 'Hilo Beauty' enjoys very bright indirect to partial/full direct sun exposure, a chunky, well-draining soil. moderate to high temps, and would absolutely benefit from higher humidity levels. Likes to superficially dry in-between waterings with never being allowed to sit bone dry for a prolonged period of time.

May need to repot yearly.

Toxic to pets.

6" nursery pots available.

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