Dischidia nummularia 'Ideaminubu' (Dragon Jade/Bubbles) 4"

Dischidia nummularia 'Ideaminubu' (Dragon Jade/Bubbles) 4"

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A mutation discovered and patented in Japan under the 'Ideaminubu' cultivar name, this unique form of Dischidia nummularia forms dense ropes of leaves that appear twisted and cupped on one another as it travels over the sides of it's pot. It is reminiscent of the 'Compacta' cultivar of Hoya carnosa, but is known to be more fickle. Hilariously, many compare the look of the leaves to tiny butts.

Dischidia nummularia 'Ideaminubu' enjoys bright indirect to partial direct sun exposure, a chunky, well-draining potting mix, moderate to high temps, and would benefit significantly from higher humidity levels. Likes to dry thoroughly in-between waterings.

May not ever need to be repotted.

No info. about toxicity.

4" nursery pots available.

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