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Hoya heuschkeliana 'Variegata'

Hoya heuschkeliana 'Variegata'

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Hoya heuschkeliana 'Variegata'

Native to the Phillippines, H. heuschkeliana is an epiphyte known for its bell-shaped flowers, that can range from pink to yellow, or a bit of both. This variegated version is highly sought after by Hoya collectors. 

Like most Hoya, this species enjoys very bright indirect, to direct sunlight exposure. Watering should only be considered once the medium is completely dry and the leaves begin to feel soft. Hoya heuschkeliana enjoys a chunky, well draining mix and would appreciate any extra humidity offered.


May not ever need to be repotted. If you repot we recommend that you never go above 6".

*Pictures are only representative of the specimen you will receive. You likely will not receive the exact plant/s in the photos*

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