Mounted Dischidia ovata

Mounted Dischidia ovata

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 Dischidia ovata mounted on a cork bark plaque. 

These plants enjoy growing with their root systems exposed to lots of air circulation, so growing them mounted is one of the best ways to grow them, mimicking their natural way of growing. The moss will dry out quickly, so frequent waterings when the leaves go soft is recommended. These plants like bright indirect light, to some partial direct sunlight. Under enough direct sun, leaves will begin to blush a pinkish/reddish hue.

When the trails outgrow the plaque, you can either redirect growth back to the board or let them continue to trail as you would a hanging basket.

You will receive the exact plant you choose via the variants. We will do our best to pack them securely, but some cosmetic damage should be expected, as mounts can not be secured in the same way as pots during shipping.

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