Rhaphidophora decursiva 10"

Rhaphidophora decursiva 10"

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Rhaphidophora decursiva

Rhaphidophora decursiva is a climbing, hemiepiphytic aroid from China & Indo China. With the Rhaphidophora genus acting essentially as Old World Monstera, you guessed it - this sp. begins to fenestrate (split) upon maturity, with leaves eventually resembling fern fronds. This is a maturing specimen displaying those big split leaves.

Rhaphidophora decursiva enjoys a chunky, well-draining soil, bright indirect-partial/dappled brief direct sun exposure, temps between 60-85 degrees, and humidity levels ideally between 60-80%.

May require grow lights in the winter months if window lighting is not optimal. Allow the pot to thoroughly dry in between waterings.

May need to be repotted in 1-2 years.

This plant is toxic to pets.

*We have several of these plants this size for sale, so obviously the plant you receive may not look exactly like the one pictured* 

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