Stenocactus wippermannii 3"
Stenocactus wippermannii 3"

Stenocactus wippermannii 3"

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Stenocactus wippermannii

Native to Mexico, this cactus has mesmerizing 3-D patterns resembling psychedelic waves running down the length of it's spherical body. Often referred to as a "brain cactus" along with many other sp. and varieties of cactus.  

Stenocactus wippermannii enjoys very bright indirect light to direct sunlight, a gritty well-draining soil, moderate to high temps, and infrequent waterings. Prone to rot and overwatering.

Recently potted in arid cactus mix, so roots are establishing. We recommend waiting until spring or summer to repot.

3" nursery pots available.

*Our stock changes daily. Photos on our website are only representative of the plant you will receive, so obviously you likely won't receive the plant in the photo.*

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