Stephania erecta 3" (currently sprouting)
Stephania erecta 3" (currently sprouting)
Stephania erecta 3" (currently sprouting)

Stephania erecta 3" (currently sprouting)

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Originally described with the species name erecta, it has since been reclassified as Stephania pierrei to honor the French Botanist Jean Baptiste Louis Pierre. Stephania pierrei is a caudiciform with a natural distribution across Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & Vietnam. Being a caudiciform, this sp. stores water in it's caudex, making it easy to overwater or rot.

Water once completely dry when leaves are present. During dormancy dramatically reduce waterings. Placing the plant in a plastic bag or under a dome to raise humidity levels will encourage growth/sprouting.

Growing medium should be gritty and well-draining. Many alternative approaches to mediums have been seen to work well (i.e. all vermiculite, all sphagnum, etc.)

Enjoys bright indirect or filtered brief direct sunlight. Keep out of full sun.

This sp. is considered deciduous, meaning it usually enters a dormancy at some point in it's life cycle. This is normal, and as long as proper care is given, leaves will return once dormancy ends.

3" nursery pot - currently sprouting!

(photo of mature plant with foliage taken from Instagram @precious_plantz)

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